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MotownOnMondays All Cities T-shirt

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MOMs Logo snapback

The logo that represents Motown On Mondays!

This hat goes with just about anything. Get it before it's too late. 

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Motown On Monday Folding Fan

If you have ever been to any Motown On Monday events, you know a fan is something you'll be happy to have on hand. Whether at a MOM event or not you are sure to become a FAN favorite of all the people around you.

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Motown On Monday Sticker

One of Motown On Monday's favorite designs can be yours to slap to anything!  

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We truly have one of the most diverse audiences, which is true for all our cities. I think it's the nature of Motown music as that's what it was specifically designed for...

- Donovan Gordo (MOMs Founder)